Moscow State University, Department of Physics, Acoustics Division

Andrey V. Shanin

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tel: +7(095) 939-3081
address: 119992, Moscow, Leninskie Gory, Moscow State University, Department of Physics


Professional positions

Research interests

Application of multivariable complex analysis

Lattices. Analytical approach and numerical techniques

Waveguides and resonators

2D diffraction problems (strips etc), generalization of the Wiener-Hopf method, spectral equation method, coordinate equations

Research on conical problems

Embedding formula and spectral equation for Weinstein's class diffraction gratings. Processes in waveguides near the cut-off frequencies

Integral equation formalism for the parabolic equation of diffraction theory

Research on matrix factorization

Embedding formulae

Elastic wedges and functional equations

D.Sci. thesis (the defence took place on November 18, 2010)

It is entitled "New differential equations for the canonical diffraction problems" (PDF file, in Russian)

The abstract (30 pages) is here, in Russian also


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